About Me

Hey, Lyn here. Since I have developed a passion for graphic design and art, I decided to release a portfolio blog. Hopefully, some of my art attracts the public eye and I get some recognition for my hard work. Most of the works I produce stem from an economical and society-based issue with the intentions to tackle it such as racism, sexism and such.

However, some do in fact stem from the idea of beauty and the aesthetics which are all things to do with beauty to the eye. Most, of course, come from jokes because we all know everyone loves a good laugh now and then.

Every artist was first an amateur.

                 Quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Ever since I was six years old, I had always found myself loving and creating art. After I took notice of my newfound talent, I decided to do whatever it took to improve my art skills. I eventually improved drastically and my family members, my friends and even my teachers acknowledged it at that time.

Currently, I am thirteen years old and loving the way I produce and see things. I hope I learn much more in the many years to come and I am confident that I can deploy upon the world the most talent reachable in my radius.

Over my life, many people have supported me to become a person such as I am today. I am forever grateful to my family, my friends and my teammates who have always been there along the way.

I thank my mother, my father and everyone that ever loved me in such a way I find warming.

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